Prayers of the People, 14 March 2021

Holy God, we give you thanks because you are our Creator, giver of life and of every breath we take. Above all, we give thanks for your steadfast and gracious love for each of us.

We thank you for this world in its amazing beauty and complexity. We pray for its peace and the healing of its brokenness. We look forward to the coming of your New Creation when all manner of things will be well.

Lord of Light, scatter the darkness of the world.

Bless our leaders and those who rule over us – and who must make difficult decisions for us. May they – and we – follow the example of Jesus, who showed and taught that true greatness is to be found in humility and in service to others. We pray for those who live with injustice and persecution, for those trapped in debt and regarded only as a source of cheap labour.

Lord of Light, we ask you to bless all Christians, the Uniting Church, its clergy and leaders, those members of our congregation and others we know of who are sick or in any kind of distress. We pray for Fiona and Daniel.

We thank you for Jesus, for his teaching and example, for showing us what it is to be truly human. We thank you for his death and resurrection and the forgiveness of our sins.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord of Light, when we choose to leave your path to follow our own desires, overturn our values and help us to find our true humanity and treasure in following Jesus.

It is for his sake we now pray:

Our Father, in heaven, hallowed be your name, (etc)

(Prepared by Bill Rush)

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