Armadale Uniting Church

Sunday 28 June 2020

Prayers of the People

With the outbreak of Coronavirus gathering pace again it is appropriate that we pray for all those suffering from the virus, those working to keep them well, and those making decisions about how the community deals with the problems, those feeling anxious or unsafe. This prayer was written by Carol Penner, an American woman, in April when cases were at a peak then. It comes from the Re Worship website. ~

written by Carol Penner and posted on Leading in Worship. Copyright Carol Penner and accessible at

Great God: our community gathers in spirit through the marvels of technology to give thanks together.

Thank you for medical professionals and staff who work so faithfully in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes give them strength, courage and the necessary resources to do their healing work. Thank you for the diligence of scientists working on a vaccine, and the way so many have ramped up the production of essential supplies.

Thank you for storekeepers and clerks, farmers and truck drivers, police officers, firefighters and all who show up to work every day in essential services.

We come to you with many needs today. Hear our prayer for those who are sick with this virus and those who care for them, ease their suffering and restore them to health.

Hear our prayer for those who are grieving, who bury their loved ones without the comfort of funerals, or the physical presence of family and friends.

Hear our prayer for the unemployed and business owners in this time of financial insecurity, help them survive this economic downturn.

Hear our prayer for children whose routines and schooling are disrupted and who long to go out to play and be with friends.

We pray for vulnerable people everywhere, especially refugees, and people in war-torn countries who have no access to medical care, we need a miracle to spare them from this virus.

Finally, hear our prayer for public health officials around the world give them wisdom as they make decisions to reduce fatalities.

This week, when we are tempted to dwell only on our own loneliness, help us reach out to others, being the community we long to have.

Thank you for showing us new ways to be the church, the church alive, vibrant and witnessing to the risen Christ in times like these. Amen.


A more general prayer for those in need comes from Bruce Prewer accessible at Bruce Prewer’s Home Page for Sunday 13 Year A.

Loving God, you have put it in our hearts to pray for one another. Please hear our prayers, correct our errors, and bless all that is wise and loving. 

We pray for the young and the strong, and all who are full of joy and high hopes today. We pray for the elderly and the weak, and all who are utterly weary and disheartened today. 

We pray for the wise and the generous, and those who are looking for new challenges today. We pray for the foolish and the selfish, and those who evading their responsibilities today. 

We pray for peace-keepers and peacemakers, and all who work for justice and peace today. We pray for the hostile and the treacherous, and all who will resort to violence today. 

We pray for the well housed and well fed, and those who share their good fortune today. We pray for the homeless and the hungry, and all whose plight is ignored today. 

We pray for the patient and the merciful, and all who will make new friends today. We pray for the hasty and the judgmental, and all who will create some misery today. 

We pray for the healthy and the buoyant, and those who will share much happiness today. We pray for the dying and the sad, and those who will weep inconsolably today. 

We pray for the faithful and the loving, and all who will worship with delight today. We pray for the faithless and the cynical, and all who will find life a drag today. 

We pray for our loved ones and our friends, and those whom we will meet casually today. We pray for strangers and enemies, and those who will think evil of us today. 

Loving God, please bring the day nearer when our prayers and our deeds will work in perfect harmony, and we will be a blessing to all those whose lives touch ours.

Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer

We pray for churches trying to keep relevant in the current upheaval. We pray for our Parish in Armadale, the folk of St Mary’s as they face an uncertain future, for our tenants Arrow Health. We give thanks for the leadership of our minister Fiona. We pray we shall continue to look out for each other and above all to trust and obey in the faithfulness of our God.

The Lord’s Prayer