Easter 3 Reflection – The Road to Emmaus

The Road to Emmaus – Luke 24: 13-35

The road to Emmaus – Daniel Bonnell

Three dark silhouettes, small and weary, trudge on against a turbulent multilayered cosmic wave landscape of yellow, black, blue and red with hints of glowing orange. The earth brown grounds their walk through this disturbed world. The night is far spent…

What do the colours in the painting suggest to you?

They walk on into the night, wander into the darkness of their sadness, wondering about who Jesus really was.

In their faith, where are they heading?

Where are we heading in the light of the disturbing news that Jesus is risen, and in light of the disturbing news which surrounds us every day?

What do we make of the swirl of stories about Easter, the swirl of stories about present reality and the future?

Fake news? Or the truth?

These three round shouldered figures, battling on against the elements, seem insignificant in the whole scheme of things – yet their presence gives perspective and proportion to the bigger picture. They need to be there to make sense of it all – the two confused, uncomprehending disciples and their unrecognised Lord.

Which parts of this story in Luke 24 do you most closely identify with?

What is the encouragement for you in this story? What is the Word saying to you through this story in your life, in these days?

Arcabas – Emmaus

Here is the meal during which Jesus is recognised. The background is like a jigsaw puzzle – unfinished, gaps and empty spaces…can you see the crosses? What kind of meal is this? A convivial gathering of friends? A slightly awkward meal with people who don`t know each other very well? The light from the three pronged candelabra casts shadows and illuminates in equal measure.

Earthy browns and ethereal blues…what does this painting say to you about the meal at Emmaus?

Consider the face of Jesus. Which three words would you use to describe Him here?