2022 Report of Church Council to AGM

Armadale Uniting Church

Report of Church Council for 2021

Presented to the Annual General Meeting, February 27, 2022

2021 was another challenging year as we have continued to cope with the issues presented by the Covid virus. On a number of Sundays, the Council felt it wiser to have services transmitted by Zoom only, at other times, conducted in the church building itself with a zoom option. At all times the Council has endeavoured to act in the best interests of the safety of everyone, although some adaptations were needed, for instance, in celebrating Holy Communion.

Thanks is owed to the faithful members of the Church Council who attended a number of additional meetings during the year to monitor our response to Covid as circumstances changed. We resolved to begin Council meetings with an Acknowledgement of Country.

We are most grateful to Margo Anderson who has acted as our Covid Marshall. We also thank her for her service to the Council and will miss her wisdom as she steps down.

We continue to be blessed by the ministry of the Rev.Fiona Winn. We greatly appreciate her thoughtful leadership of worship and warm pastoral care. Ian Thomas and Karel Reus led us in worship on Sundays when Fiona was unavailable and we thank them most sincerely. Thanks also to Fiona and April Blackwell who has led the Wednesday Quiet Time prayers. On Sunday, April 11th we joined with Margaret Black and friends to celebrate the 60th year of her ordination to the diaconate. The Rev Douglas Macleod represented Presbytery.

We have been most fortunate to have had Susie Condron as a member of Council and our Treasurer for many years. With other responsibilities at home and in business, this has not been an easy time. We appreciate all she has done in keeping our finances in such good order. Many thanks to Susie as she steps down from this role.

Property wise, a new sign was added to the front exterior wall facing Kooyong Road. The rather flimsy glass panels in the main entry doors from Kooyong Road were replaced to conform with regulations and this has reduced some noise. A number of the window panels in the office reception area were replaced with frosted glass to improve privacy.

Our relalationship with Arrow Health has continued to be positive. Fiona, Janet and Bill met periodically with Toby Lawrence to discuss any issues concerning us both.

Graeme Harris continued to maintain the AUC website. Also to organise the monthly Mens Breakfasts which have been well attended. Likewise, Margo Anderson initiated a Womens Breakfast which we expect will flourish similarly.

There are many others to whom we are indebted –Ian Thomas our loyal Secretary, Hugh Luxford on sound, Rowan our organist, flower arrangers, readers and intercessors.

The Mustard Seed continues to be of interest to the congregation and others beyond.

We give thanks to God for guiding us through another year and pray that we will be open to his wisdom and grace in 2022.

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